Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Task a Day for May!

Calling all Paper Cupcakes!  Here is your challenge for May!

CUT and PASTE this into a doc.  Print and cut into strips and add to your creative can! 
Then see how these small actions will change your business!!!

Make a phone call to a potential hostess.

Make a phone call to a former hostess.

Send an email to your downline.

Create a Constant Contact account for newsletters and updates.

Send a Thank You card to a past hostess.

Read company updates.

Make a list of 5 new contacts.

Create a plan for the following months projects.

Post some of YOUR artwork on your blog/Facebook/ FB business page.

Contact one of your downline to see how she is doing.

Send one of your downline a happy in the mail.

If you haven’t already, set up your FB business page/if you have, then add a tab to it! 

Update/write and type out your 30 second commercial.

Update/write and type out your “WHY”.

Order NEW business cards-approval necessary when not using Town & Country.

Update your email and contact info with your upline, CTMH office and on your OBA.

Print out the hostess benefits flyer & print out recruiting/opportunity flyer.

Stuff envelopes: 30 sec commercial, why, flyers and 2 bus cards-keep 3 in your purse.

Update your Facebook page and FB business page.

Create an open party on your OBA (Do this every month on the 1st).

End of the month task-update your CTMH Newsletter.

Send Thank You’s to those that ordered on your OBA/if not, make simple Thank You’s!

Customer service-call three people just to say hello & see how their projects are going.

Set up a Pinterest account/if you have one, post on it!

Set up a twitter account/if you have one, then tweet!

Make mini accessory pack envelopes for customers as freebies with a purchase.

File the receipts in your purse! (you should do this everyday!)

Make a list of ten places you can find new people.

Post an inspirational quote on your fridge.  

Clean up your workspace!  Important to productivity! If this is TOO daunting, take an area at a time a day!

Then report back to me please!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Close To My Heart {CTMH} Harlem Shake~Paper Cupcake style!

Now my kids will be embarrassed forever. Here we are at Rabbit Hill Ranch in Fallbrook-we had a 3 day crop retreat and Paper Cupcakes team meeting. So I'm a dork...I know it, we sure had a great time! Thank you Dawn for this fun idea! and Thank You Tasha for letting us party!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

RHR Retreat and Paper Cupcakes meeting

If you plan on attending this event.  You have to contact myself and Tasha at customer service@rabbithillranch.com for an accurate head count!
We have two sign-ups for Friday and Saturday nite dinners.  They are located on our team FB page.
Please call or email me if you have questions!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Paper Cupcake using a canning jar and "ARTISTE"

Check out our Paper Cupcake's April {Blog Hop!}  If you are on my team you can sign up for the May hop on our FB team page!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who's going to convention???

Convention goers! We have a theme for our team meeting for Convention! 

"Keys to a Successful Kingdom!" 

Yes we are mixing it up with business AND fun! Be prepared to have a magical beginning of your convention experience! 
(RSVP's and completed form are your "KEY" to admission!  Form will be posted closer to June.)

I will be signing up for our room and time slot on the 16th so look here for updates!

Contest? Yes there is a contest...
Please bring a handmade item using the "KEY" image from Art Philosophy (pg 63) depicting our Meeting theme
"Keys to a Successful Kingdom" using only current Close To My Heart products. This is optional, but because this will be out for all to see and appreciate, I want only your VERY BEST work! There will be prizes for the top three. All items in the contest will be donated as a lot to the operation smile auction! (unless Corp. decides to break it up if they think it is best for the auction)
*(this idea is pending approval, but I think it will be a go)

The Paper Cupcake's "Key's to a Successful Kingdom" auction lot, a team effort!

I love this idea because I know you will want to share your very best work! AND help a worthy cause!

This is also in our events tab on our facebook page...if you are not a member there, please join, you are missing out!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Carry Your CTMH Envelopes for Contacts!

I spoke about carrying 3-4 envelopes with you in your purse and a few cattys in your car for recruiting and hostesses...here is what is in mine-I use the items you can order from corp-but you can also create you own docs...I showed you mine, now you show me yours! Yes those images on the envelope are antique stamps from our wood n' rubbah days! (except the one of me)