Wednesday, June 29, 2011

studio j free for all

Shared by Karen Barber...
Studio J Free for All - you still have a few days left on this promotion. I see seven consultants on the team who have customers that have received a free JPEG file for trying Studio J - congrats to them! But there are close to 100 consultants on our team - where are the rest of you??? I challenge you to at least get your own free JPEG! Your customers won't try it if you don't! E-mail me your free JPEG or send me a link to your blog if you have it posted and you'll receive a sample card in the mail! The consultant on the team with the most customers who get a free JPEG will receive a free Level 1 kit...if there is a tie, I'll put all those names in a hat and draw one! I have attached another one of the layouts I did in Studio J using some of the Members Only papers - enjoy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ctmh quartly sales reminder

this shared by Janene Wawro

Just a reminder about your personal sales for the current quarter,
(April-May-June). June is the last month of the quarter, and you have 9 more days to submit sales to get (or stay) active. If you aren't sure what you've submitted so far, simply login to the CTMH website - a "Key Statistics" page will pop up, showing your personal sales activity for this month and quarter. Here's a quick reminder of how it all works:

Active Consultants: Need to have submitted at least $300 in personal sales between April 1st - June 30th to stay active, retain any downline you have, and keep your 22% discount/commission. If you fall short, you will move to Jr. Consultant Status, where you will begin receiving just a 10% discount/commission instead of 22%, and will need to submit $100 quarterly vs. $300. If you have any downline, you will lose them and they'll roll up to your upline. You will not get them back, even if you gain active status later. To move back to active status, you simply need to submit at least $300 within any sales quarter and you'll automatically be promoted back up.
(*If you joined CTMH as a new consultant between April 1st - June 30th, the above info doesn't apply to you since you joined in the middle of a quarter. Your first full quarter minimums are for the July-Aug-Sept sales quarter. Be sure you are working on your STTT and personal sales goals and reaping the benefits!)

Jr. Consultants: Need to have submitted at least $100 in personal sales between April 1st - June 30th to keep your status and 10% discount. I recommend that hobbyist, Jr. Consultants who mainly just do CTMH for their own personal use and discount, shoot for submitting at least $34 in product orders each month to reach their $100, vs. try to do $100 all at once. Easier on the budget, keeps you familiar with the order entry system, and keeps fun products in your hands every month. I know that when we go for long periods of time without creating anything, we begin losing excitement. There is something powerful in the creative process, so do keep up your hobby, and the perks that come with being part of CTMH.

If you are currently at the Jr. Consultant level and don't submit your $100 by June 30th, you will no longer be a consultant with CTMH. However, you can turn around and immediately purchase a new consultant kit, receive a new consultant number, and start fresh as a new consultant again with a 22% discount/commission. This may be a good option if you are needing a fresh start. There will be a new consultant kit in July (coming on the 15th, be watching for more details from corporate this week), filled with NEW products from the upcoming Autumn/Winter idea book, live to customers August 1st. Remember that consultant kits are packed full of amazing products at a discounted rate. You can also participate in the 'Straight to the Top' new consultant program, where you will be rewarded with free product credit for hitting sales levels. Starting over again may be a great option for consultants wanting to get active, but having a difficult time doing so at the Jr. Consultant level.

Talk to your upline if you have additional questions, and I'm always here to fill in the gaps as well. We have a strong team with great leaders, and I'm impressed with the accomplishments each of you makes, big or small, in your own business. Convention is just a few weeks away and we'll be getting new products into our hands, new programs to gain excitement, and final details on the new compensation plan that will be live on October 1st. All good things coming our way!

Disney's original unbirthday scene

HERE is the original unbirthday party scene...
and HERE is the newer Johnny McDreamy Depp's tea party!
We'll see if we can capture some of the magic! 3 more weeks to go!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"A Very Merry Un-Birthday" Disney Team Meeting

Don't be late to a very important date! To who? To you!
Ok, We are combining forces-Kay Pekin, Cindy Baker and I have got our thinking caps on, or should I say our Un-Birthday hats on! We are going to have SO much fun at Disney, and what a scrupdillyumptious way to kick off the event! It's a Mad Hatter's Un-Birthday Party! Our team meeting will commence on Wed. July 13th in the Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4 at 6-6:50pm. Oh and did I mention PRIZES? Wear your fun handmade by you creation! Hats, crowns and fun party headgear and YOU could win a SupercaliSCRAPilisiousexpialidosious prize!
Hats are optional, but what a fun Kodak moment!!!
Disney is very strict about full on costumes (though I plan on dressing up in our meeting room which is ok) So let's keep it to Fun Hat's only!

OH and let's add one more element of surprise!!!
An optional unbirthday card (1 in a solid envelope-no time for sorting more-current product-best work of heART!) and 1 unbirthday present (wrapped and small enough to travel well-$20ish value-business related) SWAP!
Two separate optional swaps! Yippee Skippy! Jolly good time!

Bring business cards to network and your camera!

(if others want to swap cards after the meeting, they can do so in the hall after we exit as there is no way to swap more within our allotted time frame)

When that day comes we shall futterwacken... vigorously!
Your RSVP a must, because space is very limited!

Convention 2011 Check List

Thank you Sheri Rottler for sharing this list!
Bring your Ph.D. Pin and Logo Items
If you are attending the Awards Banquet, plan to dress up and celebrate your incredible accomplishments!
For all of the other events taking place at Convention, business casual attire is accepted (please no flip flops, bare midriffs, tank tops, or shorts). Nice jeans are permitted.
 Tuesday – Travel Day
 Wednesday – Leadership Day-Team Meetings
Paper Cupcakes 6-6:50-Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4
 Thursday – Convention Day 1 (wear your team t-shirt) – Director Dinner (Business casual)
 Friday – Convention Day 2 – Awards Banquet (Dress up)
 Saturday – Convention Day 3 – Crop
 Sunday – Travel Day (Unless you are staying to play with Mickey!)
 PJ’s
 Underclothes
 Socks
 Swim Suit/Wrap
 Shoes (comfy walking shoes)
 Jewelry

 Cell phone charger
 Camera/Battery charger
 Laptop/Charger

 Shampoo
 Conditioner spray
 Hairspray/gel
 Razor
 Medication (daily, migraine, cold/stomach flu)
 Advil
 Comb/Hairbrushes
 Toothbrush
 Toothpaste
 Hairdryer (the hotel has them)
 Sunscreen

 Airline tickets
 Neck pillow
 Plastic bag (dirty clothes)
 Snacks
 Sunglasses
 Hat
 $1 bills (tipping/photo booth)
(leave $2 per person per day on your room pillow)

Business Miscellaneous
 Convention agenda
 Idea Book (current)
 Swap cards (optional)
 Business cards
 Highlighter
 Pen/Pencil (lead, erasers)
 New contact packets
 logo pins & jewelry

Wednesday – Thursday Create & Take
 Black Ink
 Chocolate Ink
 Cocoa Ink
 Desert Sand Ink
 Petal Ink
 Sky Ink
 Sorbet Ink
 Sweet Leaf Ink
 Vineyard Berry Ink

Friday Create & Take
 Black Ink
 Cranberry Marker
 Desert Sand Ink
 Smoothie Ink and Marker
 Vanilla Cream Marker

Suggested Photos
 4x6
 6x4 (2)
(Love-themed, 2-page layout featuring Black,
Smoothie, and Desert Sand)

Saturday Create & Take
Saturday Morning:
 Cocoa Ink
 Desert Sand and Marker

Saturday Afternoon Crop:
 Cocoa Ink and Marker
 Cranberry Ink

 1x1 (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
 1 x 1 ½ (Friday, Saturday pm)
 1 x 3 ½ (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday pm)
 2x2 (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
 2 x 3 ½ (Friday, Saturday)
 4x4 (Wednesday)

Wednesday Tools/Adhesive:
 Adhesive
 3 D foam tape
 Bone Folder
 Glue DOTS
 Piercing Tool Kit
 Scissors
 Sponge
 Stamp cleaner/scrubber
 Texture Tools