Saturday, June 11, 2011

"A Very Merry Un-Birthday" Disney Team Meeting

Don't be late to a very important date! To who? To you!
Ok, We are combining forces-Kay Pekin, Cindy Baker and I have got our thinking caps on, or should I say our Un-Birthday hats on! We are going to have SO much fun at Disney, and what a scrupdillyumptious way to kick off the event! It's a Mad Hatter's Un-Birthday Party! Our team meeting will commence on Wed. July 13th in the Magic Kingdom Ballroom 4 at 6-6:50pm. Oh and did I mention PRIZES? Wear your fun handmade by you creation! Hats, crowns and fun party headgear and YOU could win a SupercaliSCRAPilisiousexpialidosious prize!
Hats are optional, but what a fun Kodak moment!!!
Disney is very strict about full on costumes (though I plan on dressing up in our meeting room which is ok) So let's keep it to Fun Hat's only!

OH and let's add one more element of surprise!!!
An optional unbirthday card (1 in a solid envelope-no time for sorting more-current product-best work of heART!) and 1 unbirthday present (wrapped and small enough to travel well-$20ish value-business related) SWAP!
Two separate optional swaps! Yippee Skippy! Jolly good time!

Bring business cards to network and your camera!

(if others want to swap cards after the meeting, they can do so in the hall after we exit as there is no way to swap more within our allotted time frame)

When that day comes we shall futterwacken... vigorously!
Your RSVP a must, because space is very limited!

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