Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Team Name! Paper Cupcakes!!!

I have agonized over this for a long time...and I have decided to create a new team name...In the past, for years we were "The Stampologist" then not too long ago switched to "Inspitation Institute" which was more of a place to meet, but didn't feel like a fun team name. So, since I am a big fan of cupcakes (and it is a term for a good lookin' gal, which we all are, wink ;) and lovers of paper...hence our new team name "Paper Cupcakes!"
These beauties were inspired by Tresa Black

1 comment:

  1. The new team name is very interesting and suggest unlimited creativity because reminds a yummy treat and the versatile supply we all love. What a combination, Bren!
    I'm happy to become a "Paper Cupcake" too!
    (um...tastes so good)