Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taxes! Ugh-Just finished 2008! Yippy Skippy!

OK, one thing about me. I despise busy numbers & paper work-ugh!
It's not that I owe a ton of money-I just don’t like doing it! I think I'd rather give birth! So last April I filed for a 6 month extension, which was today. All week I was avoiding the piles starring at me. I was pretending to be busy in my space, but found myself sorting and shining my jewelry, writing songs on my guitar, reading blogs...until yesterday when the clock was about to turn me into a pumpkin! My dear sweet tolerant, frustrated daughter helped me and I got through it. Heather is VERY good at organizing and paperwork. So she created this form for entering all my info. I read it off as she entered each item into the correct category. I think it is in excell-and it totaled everything. SO I am entering everything I have for 2009 this month so I don't agonized over this anymore. I'd love to have a conference call with all of you about taxes and share this spread sheet with anyone interested. Lets make a master list of all the things we can and cannot write off to share with all of you. Being self employed is very complicated when it comes to taxes. SO-who is interested???? By the way-I use Liberty Tax service and have for 3 years now. Everyone there I have encountered have been extra nice and patient with me! So bring on 2010, I'm ready!


  1. My husband came up with a spreadsheet for me, too. It is still hard work! Taxes FREAK me out. He tracks mileage to and from workshops, everything I buy that I use for business, travel expenses for convention, meals only count 1/2,also anytime I give a discount I count that as an expense against the earnings that he has tracked from each order.

  2. I will sit down and get some tax info and the spreadsheet ready. Hope to get them to you this weekend! Have an awesome day you awesome girl!