Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer Bulk, WOTG, Petit Perks #

We had a fun time at our meeting tonight...thanks to all who contributed...
I'm so excited about the new Summer Catty! Already ordered some new stuff! This info was passed onto me from my up-up-upline Debbie Fournier...

Reference Order #'s if your interested!
Bulk order numbers, Petit Perks, WOTG, etc

Bulk 178 Cherry O
Bulk 179 Splendor
Bulk 180 Zippidde
Bulk 181 Passages

No new bulk accessories, returning
Bulk 154 Colonial brads
Bukl 146 White Buttons
Bulk 152 Cranberry Brads
Bulk 157 Colonial Ribbon

G1008 Cherry O Workshop on the Go
Stamp set Bowl of Cherries ( so cute)
G1009 Splendor
Stamp set Summer Wishes (flowers)
G1010 Zippidee
Stamp set Ticket to Ride (ticket, signs, herringbone border)
G1011 Passages
Stamp set Lifetime (keys, locks and watch face)

Petite Perks W2018
Connections Club W623
B&T swatch W1097

You can now view the new catty online to see all the new stuff!

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