Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Convention Team T-Shirts April12th update

There is still time to order your convention shirts-We are piggy backing off my upline, Cindy Bakers team, The Paper Daisies, for some fun t-shirts to wear on thursday at our upcoming Disney convention!
From TwoChicksDesigns, and the T-shirt that we ordered to wear at convention is on sale again, TwoChicks Designs...and, unfortunately, the $6.99 price for the shirt is gone now, BUT, they are having a "Buy 2, Get 1 FREE sale....and our shirt is on the sale list! So...I just thought if you haven't ordered a shirt yet, you could go in wih 2 other people and split the costs and get the shirts cheaper
Remember...our shirt is light pink and it reads: "SupercaliSCRAPiliciousexpialidocius"
(note: plus- sizes run BIG!)
I would LOVE for our team to have a recognized shirt at convention.

Convention is just around the corner!!!

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