Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Close To My Heart Disney Convention Packing Tip of the Day

Convention Tip of the Day:
It's NOT impossible to pack light and save room for awesome swag. I travel alot so I have packing down to an art. Here is a simple way to pack AND not forget anything AND fit it all in a small suitcase with room to spare:
Decide what you are wearing and lay it all out. Bring an outfit for a day plus 1 extra outfit AND your fancy outfit for the Awards Banquet.
Lay like clothing together. IE: shirts on shirts; pants on pants; sweaters on sweaters, etc.
ROLL all the shirts together tightly. Repeat until you have everything rolled except for your socks, unmentionables and shoes.
Gently place the rolls into your suitcase. Tuck toiletries, shoes and extras around the rolls.

Remember, If you have tons of goodies to take home, you might need to pay to check an extra bag home: (Plan to have extra room when you leave from home!)
Any other suggestions?

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