Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BLoG CaNdY! entry time is over...

And the winner of the Blog Candy is Karen Barber!!!

Did you all see the stamples below that I made with the NEW Jingle Creative Basics? Well guess what? Post a comment here, and I will pick a lucky Cupcake winner to receive all of these "stamples" in your mailbox! You must be a 1st through 5th downline in my "Paper Cupcakes" team. And you must post a comment to this blog candy email telling me how you like this forum and what you'd like to see posted here to help you with your Close To My Heart business! I will use RANDOM.org to select the lucky cupcake. The deadline for this Blog Candy is September 12th (My son, Nathan's Birthday!) at 11:59pm pacific time. Sweet Dreams, the Cupcake Momma
PS Please spread this info to your team and tell me how you are in my team family tree!


  1. Bren,
    I'd like to know more about home gathering tips and quick and cute projects ideas to show as samples. This blog could be a virtual meeting room for all of us who are far from you.


  2. Hi Bren! I am so excited that you have created a place for your non-local DL to get a touch of Bren time! I love the new name too... Thank you!!
    Hugs, Barb

  3. Hi Bren,

    I would love to see a challenge a day to help us build our business. With maybe some of your beautiful artwork. Take me out of my comfort zone. Love your candy cane card.....

  4. Wowie Zowie girlfriend! Your blog is fantastoc and those samples you are giving away... well they are just to die for! I think I may need to resign as a consultant and resign up under you just so I can say I am in your DL to get a chance at winning them. LOL! You are so talented! Love ya! xoxo

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with the blog. I like Gail's idea of daily challenges to help us work our business.

    I think I would also like little tutorials.

    1st downline (ha, like you didn't know that!)

  6. Great blog Bren! Can I be an honorary downline? : ) Smiles and hugs from Minnesota!

  7. Bren,

    Your artwork samples are inspirational to all! I'm proud to be your second downline!

    I would love to have challenges -- maybe weekly, though. And more music selection ;}

    You are on the cutting edge with the fads so it's nice to come here before being swallowed by the BB. I just pulled the tutorial for the pizza boxes (LOL). So I like the links from whence you got your inspiration.


  8. I am so excited about this forum!! Being a new consultant...since July 09, anything you have I'll be viewing. I would like challenges each week, or every other week. Thank you for starting this!!

  9. Thank you for creating this as a place for us to gather to see your creativity! You are amazing in so many ways. It was fun to see you receive your Spirit of CTMH Award at Leadership. I am one of Jillene Moen's DL under Tina Sutton. Thanks a bunch! I sure hope I am the lucky winner! Rachel Sauvola

  10. Bren, Love the new name and your Blog. I guess I need help in organization. Where do you find the time for all you do?

  11. Hi~
    I just love this blog.
    The cupcake theme is perfect!
    I would like to see your Stamp of The
    Month samples posted. Thanks

  12. I am loving the blog, tried to post a comment on your Sunday Sermon...God only knows where it landed...someone is really scratching their head!

    I need your help with the art. Love what you do and I love copying it! Thanks for the opportunity to see more of it.

  13. Bren...how you always do it all amazes me!! Thank you for having the BIG heart you do and sharing with us always. LOVE the new site, samples. Maybe we can start filming you so you can have some on line tutorials??? Just a thought!!

  14. I love the new blog. I really like the business builder type info you've been sharing. Hoping it will keep us all motivated, which I think we lose some of in between meetings/convention etc.

  15. Bren I just wanted to say that this blog inspires you to do more for your team. Sometimes it is so hard to do a one on one with your downlines and you wish you could share every little thing about CTMH or your own ideas. Blogging can not only be for customers but for your CTMH sisters! Thanks for sharing your talent and wisedom!

  16. Love your creations and this site is a great way to learn new things, Hope to see everyone at the next meeting.

  17. Bren,
    You are a very gifted woman!! I want to be just like you when I grow up, in my
    CTMH business that is...hahahaha..anyway, I Love the new blog and the cupcake theme. The content is wonderful and you are a motivational kind of person and that is just one of your many gifts. You give great ideas on the daily challenges and crafting ideas. I love seeing the artwork and would really love to know more about how to set up a blog...I am totally lost when it comes to blogging.
    Thanks again!!! Luv, Luv,
    Brandi Porter

  18. These are adorable!!!! I hope I am not to late to post a comment to WIN!!!!

  19. Thanks for sharing your creativity! Love the idea of a weekly challenge. I don't always get to set aside time to be creative so this inspires me to do that.

    Proud to be your 2nd DL,
    Karen Barber

  20. Wonderful that you are sharing your delightful creations and inspiration with everyone! Thank you Thank you!

  21. Love our new name. Thanks for taking the time to keep in touch with all your downline.

  22. Hi Bren! I love all of your artistic flair! I love that you post these great ideas. I can sell things, but I am not the best with coming up with my own artistic ideas. Keep the ideas coming!


  23. Bren you are a true inspiration to me! Just keep your ideas coming!! I love your music!! It makes me want to dig out my acoustic from it's dusty corner in the closet. Neil Young is my favorite! Happy birthday Nathan!
    Pam Miner/Wapakoneta, Ohio
    CTMH Director

  24. Very inspiring! Wish I would take time to figure out this computer stuff someday!

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Amy Raimy, 3rd DL
    Victor NY

  25. This is Pnina's post for the drawing-

    Hi Bren!!! Thanks for the letters, it really helped me. I am so excited about the "STUDIO J", I would like to know how it works and how different it is from what we are used to?
    Pnina ZC