Friday, September 4, 2009

Meeting recaps

We had a blast last night and I want to share with you all…I brought Cupcakes of course to commemorate the official beginning of the “Paper Cupcakes” team. Thanks to all who supplied all the other yummys! My two new recruits, Darcy and Rosie came to their first meeting, welcome ladies! I hope we didn’t overwhelm you!
So I will be posting all this info in pieces. We talked about organization! Gail shared about the new workshops on the go! And had her project binder full of goodies (from what I understand they are pulling those due to heat and shrink issues, bummer)
She shared how her club members were very excited about the workshops on the go and committed to 4 months of projects for guaranteed sales throughout the year! Dawn and Gail put their heads together on additional projects with the left over scraps, available for their club members only!

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