Friday, September 4, 2009

Wahoo Dawn!

Way to go Dawn!

Thank You Dawn for sharing with us how to take a photo. Dawn uses a white photo tent, for larger items, she uses the tent as a back prop and drapes a white table cloth on top and out to create a smooth background. She also uses a flexible tripod for hard to get to shots! I found this flexipod for only $5.24!

If you missed it, go to the consultant website under To Know/Company Updates:
Our own Dawn Heuft sent in her positive experience with the NEW Workshops on the Go!
She is in this weeks weekly updates. Read on here...

9. Workshops On The Go™—Give It a Try!
“Thank you corporate!
“I was nervous about the new Workshops in the Go™ program, but bought Twitterpated to try it out. I loved doing the projects and decided to offer it to my customers. I gave my customers several options to appeal to all budget levels.
“I have a few people that like to place orders and take advantage of the specials, but I have several that just come and create their layouts each month. Imagine my surprise when every single one ordered the Workshop on the Go kit and joined the club; but not only that, another person referred a friend, and she joined the club yesterday! A couple more ordered the September Constant Campaign and two others bumped their orders up to $100 US to get the Stamp of the Month too!
“It just goes to show that sometimes we just need to have faith and be willing to try something new.”
Dawn Heuft, Supervisor, Lakeside, California.

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