Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Your "Presentation Album"

We ALL need to have a "Presentation Album" to show our customers at crops, workshops & gatherings. AND, we need to keep them updated. Although my papers are still current, I am thinking about giving my album a facelift by the new year. Here are a few pictures to get you started on yours! This is your new Challenge! Send me pics of your finished album for a little surpise in YOUR mailbox!

Anyone taking the challenge??? Anyone?


  1. I have an album I put together that I'm showing people. I just signed up to be a consultant in July. I'm under Joanne Lloyd who is under Amy Raimy. I will take pictures of what I have so far that I've been working on. The album is not CTMH as I do not have one yet. I'm working on getting my art work in there. Maybe you could give me some ideas. I'll post the pictures tomorrow on my blog of what I have finished so far. Something that I've been doing on the back of the Level 1 scrapbook pages is making a page of my own to save space...I hope that makes sense. I look forward to many years with CTMH.

  2. I love this idea. I am going to get working on some pages to put in the album. I have my first gathering on the 20th. This would be a really good selling tool. Thanks!